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To Stay Positive, Know That Sensitivity is Not a Weakness, It’s a Strength

Staying connected in the time of Covid-19 pandemic is very important for mental health. (Representational image: Shutterstock)

Mental wellbeing is not to be taken lightly anymore. It is important to realise that sensitivity is not a weakness says Elena Herdieckerhoff.

In today’s world of high competitiveness, self-introspection and being positive is something we don’t have time for in our lives. We are so involved in the race to give our best that we don’t take a while to reflect. And if you happen to be a person who is sensitive, then life is obviously not so easy for you. You get to experience the world from a totally different point of view and things affect you emotionally as well as psychologically in ways they don’t do others. You may have often thought yourself different from the crowd and feel like an outsider. However, there is nothing wrong with being sensitive.

If you are looking for validation for that statement, then you need to watch Elena Herdieckerhoff’s TEDx talk which will change your perception regarding sensitivity. Elena is a mentor for highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs. In her TEDx talk, she said the popular cultural narrative around highly sensitive people needs to be changed.

Elena acknowledged that people who are highly sensitive might prove to be a hindrance during competitive stressful situations. But she debunked the common misconception that sensitive people are weak or less courageous as compared to others. On the contrary, she defined sensitivity as often being a strength.

“I’ve come to learn to love that I deeply and easily connect with others and also that I have a strong intuition that guides me like an infallible GPS,” she said. Elena continued to say that there is a need for an environment where people of all personalities can flourish and not just a select few. She called for big corporations to let sensitive people bring their ideas to the table. Without sensitives, the corporation, she noted, would be devoid of integrity, innovation and ultimately humanity.

“On a personal level, we can all make an impact simply by refraining from judging the delicate difference of the sensitives around us,” she said. She stressed upon the need to have sensitive minds create a path to troubled times ahead and to connect to our innate sensitive gifts so that we are able to heal ourselves and planet Earth.

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