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Telangana Govt Plans to Cut Power, Water Supply to Cantonment Areas in Hyderabad

Upset over central government and defense officials not taking any action despite repeated appeals, coupled with continuous closure of roads leading to traffic chaos, the Telangana government has decided to cut the supply of power and water to cantonment areas in Hyderabad.

Replying to queries during the budget session in the Assembly, municipal and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao stated that the government plans to stop supply of water and power to cantonment areas in the city. “Yes, we have decided to cut power and water supply to those areas and see if the defence ministry or its officials come a step down to support development programs of roads and facilities,” he reiterated.

He took a dig at union minister Kishan Reddy and BJP MPs for failing to open roads by taking up the matter with the Centre.

“We are fed up with adamant attitude and non-cooperation by the cantonment board officials for closing the roads always only to compound the problems of road users,” he said.

The minister for municipal administration further expressed concern that the both cantonment area in Secunderabad and ASI area near Golconda cantonment are closing roads and denying permission to lay roads, release water downstream leading to inundation of Nadim Colony and low-lying areas.

KT Rama Rao expressed discontent and dismay at the way the “Centre was trying to have supremacy on Hyderabad and Telangana”.

“Are we in another country and not in India?” he thundered and sought to know whether they will allow the state government take up road and development programs. “Let us work together for more facilities and infrastructure for people or get cursed by them,” he said, referring to the defence officials. “Or else the state government will surely stop and cut supply of water and power,” he declared in the Assembly.

“As they are not paying heed to our repeated appeals, we firmly believe that only stopping power and water supply to cantonment areas will prove handy to address issues of roads and facilities.”

Telangana government has decided to cut power, water supply to cantonment areas in Hyderabad, KTR said.

He added that the government will give Rs 3 lakh to the poor with land area to build houses this month and improve facilities and infrastructure of roads, flyovers and skywalks in the city.

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