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Scared Of Failing In Class 10, Madhya Pradesh Boy Kills Father: Cops

The police said the boy will be sent to a juvenile home (Representional)

Guna (Madhya Pradesh):

A 15-year-old boy killed his father over fears that he would fail in the Class 10 exam in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna, the police said. The boy was scared his father would thrash him if he failed, the police said.

After the murder, the boy tried to frame a neighbour who was not on good terms with his family, the police said.

Dulichand Ahirwar was axed to death on April 3 while he was sleeping in a room, police officer Rajiv Mishra said, adding his son in a complaint said he saw their neighbour, Virendra Ahirwar, and another person fleeing from the spot.

Virendra was arrested and interrogated, but the case turned out to doubtful after a forensic investigation, the officer said. The police then interrogated the victim’s minor son, who broke down and narrated everything, the police officer said.

The police said the boy told them that his father used to scold him for not studying and threatened to throw him out of the house if he failed in Class 10 exam.

The boy had not studied and not prepared for the final exams and feared failing, the officer said, adding the boy then decided to kill his father.

The boy told police he planned to frame his neighbour, who was not in good terms with his family over the construction of a drain.

The boy has been detained and will be taken to a court, from where he will be sent to a juvenile home.




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