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Here’s Why This Day is Celebrated in the US

Strawberry Ice Cream Day 2022: The sweet, chilled, smooth and flavourful ice cream can instantly turn a bad mood into a good one. Be it summer or winter, one can hardly say no to an ice cream treat. From strawberry to chocolate, everyone has their own favourite flavour. But have you ever thought of celebrating a strawberry ice cream day? Probably not!

However, the United States celebrates January 15 as National Strawberry Ice Cream Day every year. There are many stories behind the invention of fruit ice creams and how they became popular amongst everyone. One such story dates back to the time of Alexander the Great. It is believed that Alexander was very fond of eating snow.

He would season it with liquors and honey and enjoy. Stories are also told of how Nero Claudius Caesar would shoot runners into the mountains to gather up snow and would use fruit as a seasoning on it to enjoy the delicacy. This made fruit ice creams a famous thing in the past and it has been continued till date. The three most popular ice cream flavours were vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

As every day brings with it an interesting story, National Strawberry Ice Cream day also has a fascinating tale. Strawberry ice cream is believed to be at least two centuries old.

In 1813, former United States President, James Madison threw a lavish party celebrating his second induction. He served strawberry ice cream to guests. The ice cream was frozen using huge blocks of ice that were stored in basement vaults and isolated with bales of hay.

While some historians believe the feast to be the beginning of Strawberry Ice Cream Day, others argue that the first National Strawberry Ice Cream Day was celebrated in 1932 in the United States.

History has many stories to tell if we dig inside it for everything. It is tough to decide which one to believe. But when it comes to ice cream, one must only concentrate on celebrating this day.

This particular day is clearly a delight to celebrate and the best way to celebrate the day is to have freshly prepared strawberry ice cream. Combining fresh strawberries and succulent ice cream makes a great day indeed more special.

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