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From Deepika Padukone To Alia Bhatt, Here Are The Best Celebrity-Inspired Styles For Lohri

The festival of Lohri marks the beginning of harvest season and as we celebrate the festival with zeal and warmth, we surely love the fashion side of it as well. The pandemic surely changed our way of celebrating and as we have shifted our way of festive celebrations, our fashion choices have evolved too. Whether it is an intimate gathering or just a homely puja, keeping your festive fashion game on point is essential. From pretty velvet silhouettes to luxe choices and more, Lohri is all about acing ethereal ethnic fashion in your best possible way and what better than some celebrity-inspired fashion inspiration to play it right? From pretty suit styles to gorgeous sarees and more, here’s all the fashion inspiration that you need to slay this Lohri 2022.

Celebrity-Inspired Fashion For Lohri 2022

Get your festive fashion right with these celebrity-inspired styles.

1. Ethereal Printed Sarees To The Go

There are times when we feel stuck while picking up an outfit for a festivity. We might love our classic kanjeevarams and silk sarees but when it is about slaying festive fashion, step into the trending sphere with printed sarees. Go for single tone hues in digital prints and lightweight textures. Just like Sanya Malhotra, we would also love to adorn pretty printed sarees. We love how the actress is acing this pretty pink saree, making it peppy yet subtle at the same time.

2. Dazzling Anarkali Style

One fashion style that has been with us through thick and thin has to be anarkalis. Undoubtedly, this timeless trend has somehow managed to be on every fashionista’s fashion list and with its evolution, it is becoming a go-to option to slay every occasion. We love how actress Janhvi Kapoor slayed in a purple and silver tones anarkali, looking ever so gorgeous. She opted for a scoop neck anarkali style ensemble in silver embroidered style and paired it with a purple hued flowy dupatta, making her iconic style a perfect inspiration for festivities.

3. Simple Suit Sets To Slay It Right

If you are someone who goes by the rule of minimal fashion, then these styles are perfect to suit your sartorial choices. A chic embroidered or simple suit set is often the most elegant and versatile fashion choice to adorn on various occasions. Whether you love a pop of colour or monochrome style, suit sets never fail to make heads turn and Alia Bhatt and Hina Khan are the perfect inspiration that we need to slay festive fashion right.

4. Monochrome Fashion

When we talk about monochrome fashion, skipping the queen of it, Deepika Padukone is absolutely out of question. The actress has been truly known for her chic airport and monochrome fashion. Undoubtedly, whatever the actress adorns, she slays it well but monochrome styles are something that have our heart. We love how the actress is acing this ethnic look in a shimmery yellow suit set, making it a simple yet elegant style for festivities.




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