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Expert Hairstyling Tips For Damage-Free Bridal Hairstyles During This Wedding Season 2022

The wedding season brings with it festivity and cheer. Especially for the bride and groom, who’ve been preparing for this day for weeks and months. Greater focus on bridal ensembles have led to signature styling for every wedding function; from the sangeet and haldi to mehendi and reception. That includes everything, from wedding lehenga to bridal hairstyle. Especially during a hectic wedding season with a whirlwind of activity, frequent hairstyling with extreme heat can damage the tresses. That’s true for brides-to-be and wedding guests alike. As the wedding season 2022 arrives in full swing, NDTV Swirlster spoke to Steven Ong, Engineering Manager, Hair Care at Dyson.

On Steven’s recommended hairstyle for wedding functions, he says, “The Dyson Airwrap styler has six different attachments which use air instead of heat to style hair in a variety of ways. First begin with wet hair and dry to damp using the pre styling dryer. Attach the soft smoothing brush, select medium power and medium heat and brush hair until dry. Switch to the 30mm barrel, wrap the ends around the barrels shape and push the cold shot to set.”


There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from for wedding functions

In fact, it’s quite a wedding season must-have for those who want to create professional hairstyles from scratch. “With wedding season here, a bride or even the wedding guest has numerous things to plan for – from the events planning, to outfit buying and so much more. When you have that perfect wedding outfit of your dreams, of course you want a hairstyle to match it. Hairstyles for weddings are also more elaborate styles which require different types of styling tools. The Airwrap can be the single tool of choice to achieve different looks as, instead of plugging in different tools, you just need to have one and switch between the attachments to create a variety of styles.”

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Hairstyling has often been synonymous with extreme heat damage but the Dyson Airwrap has changed that. “Conventional hair stylers use a dry styling method. The hair is dry during styling so high heat is required to break the hydrogen bonds within each hair strand, shaping it and then letting it cool down slowly to create the style,” says Steven and continues, “The Dyson Airwrap styler uses a wet-to-dry styling method. Hair should be 20% wet or slightly damp so that water will weaken the bonds. When water is removed while styling, the style will be created and set.”

You may not think much about extreme heat damage right now but in the long run, it really does matter. Steven explains, “Hair damage to us refers to the breakdown of the hair cuticle and cortex. The cuticle is like the shield protecting the hair’s heart; the cortex, which gives hair its strength. So when hair snaps off or looks frizzy, it can be because hair’s shield has been damaged or the cortex weakened. Damaged hair can feel rough, look dull and is much more likely to break. Hair damage can be attributed to extreme heat, chemical treatments or mechanical damage. The best way to avoid compromising the health of your hair is prevention: minimise exposure to the known causes of damage.

The Coanda effect is one of its much talked-about features. He details what exactly it is, saying “The Coanda effect occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and due to differences in pressure, the air flow attaches itself to the surface. Users can now style with air so that they can curl, wave, smooth and dry hair without the need for extreme heat.”


Pick the right hairstyle to match your bridal outfit

The fact that a Dyson Airwrap can create such a variety of hairstyles seems almost magical. It’s no wonder the multi-styling tool is a hairstyling essential. Seconding that, Steven says, “Users like to create different styles for different occasions, different times of the day, or for different periods in a year. A multi-styling tool gives that versatility to users to create their desired style, while reducing exposure to extreme heat and retaining hair’s natural volume, bounce and shine.”

Those with short locks need not worry because even for those tresses, it has you covered. “Its is suitable for all hair lengths and allows the user to create a variety of looks. In particular, the small smoothing brush with a slim head and soft, ball-tipped bristles is engineered to style shorter hair and bangs. The airflow automatically adjusts to follow the brushing direction, propelling air along the hair strands for a smooth finish.”

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