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Delnaaz Irani Believes It’s ‘Too Late’ For Her to Become a Mother

After a ten-day battle with Coronavirus, actress Delnaaz Irani tested negative. On January 1, the actress was diagnosed with the virus, which left her “dejected.” Recently, in an interview, she stated, “I cried like a baby when I first got to know about it. Initially, there was a lot of negativity in my mind when I tested positive, but with Percy (Karkaria, partner)’s pep talk and all the love I received, all that negativity turned into positivity.”

The actor returned to the set of her TV show, Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se, on Wednesday with a box of sweets, “I really want to be on the sets. I’ve had the best cast and crew who have been following up with me and missing me,” Irani exclaims.

In the daily soap, Irani plays Goli Bua, who mothers her niece and doesn’t have a child of her own. Irani relates to the character on an intimate level, as she once wanted to have a child.

“I definitely wanted to become a mother. I wanted to have (at least) one child. But it was not meant to be. Today I cannot say the same. Biologically, it’s too late (for me to be a mother). We are both not up for adoption, so we are not even thinking on those lines. At one point, I wanted to be a mom, today I can’t even think about it,” elaborates Irani.

When asked if she wants to use surrogacy, the Bigg Boss contestant says no, she explains, “No, I think at this stage in life we are very happy with each other as of now. We (Percy and I) have ample nephews and nieces to mother and father. It’s like the show I’m doing. And they are a handful. So we give them as much love as we can.”

Delnaaz Irani plays an important role in the new show ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey.’ After her brief appearance in ‘Chhoti Sarrdaarni,’ she credits the show with breaking her image and allowing her to play a non-comical role.

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