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Angry Gauahar Khan Pulls Up Paparazzi For Breaking A Mannequin While Photographing Her. Watch

Gauahar Khan gets angry at the paparazzi.

Gauahar Khan got upset after a few paparazzi broke a couple of mannequins accidentally. Watch the video here.

  • Last Updated:January 13, 2022, 20:30 IST

Gauahar Khan got angry after she noticed a few photographers accidentally pushed down a couple of mannequins in an attempt to take her picture. On Thursday evening, Gauahar was spotted in a market area in Mumbai. Owing to the narrow lane, photographers crowded together and tried to take her pictures.

However, as she crossed past a clothing store, a few photographers didn’t notice the mannequins placed outside the shop and accidentally pushed them down. The mannequins were visibly broken. Gauahar immediately stopped and expressed her disappointment at their behaviour. “Guys, seriously? Abhi koi uthayega usse? (Will someone pick it up?) I don’t know why you’ll are doing this? Seriously!” she said. Gauahar stepped forward to help pick the mannequins as well before she walked to her car and left the venue.

The video was shared on Instagram by a paparazzo account and fans took to the comments section to condemn the act. “Somebody at least say sorry to the shopkeepers,” a comment read. “Now who will pay for this? Extremely pathetic of these photographers,” another comment read. “Kya yaar tumlog bhi, nuksan karwa diya bechare ka,” a third comment read.

Gauahar recently also made the headlines after she slammed a woman for throwing fruits from a vendor’s cart in a viral video. The video was shared by a paparazzo on Instagram and Gauahar took to the comments section to condemn the act. “What a high-headed loser. Shame on her. Please help me with any info on the fruit vendor, I’d like to buy his entire cart for him, that she caused loss to. Name her and shame her,” she said.

Lately, Gauahar has also been in the news for her strong opinions on the contestants of Bigg Boss 15. The actor often shares her take on the twists taking place and controversies erupting in the Bigg Boss house.

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